Friday, June 14, 2013

Bike Parking at the Grocery Outlet

This is the bike parking at the Grocery Outlet in Berkeley.

You'll notice my bike on the right there with the pink basket. It's next to the grocery cart. I was very lucky today. First, I was able to park my bike on this end of the rack. Second, when pulling the cart up to my bike to load it, I got it on the ramp just right so that it wasn't rolling back into the parking lot. Usually I need to shove my foot under the cart wheel or else it rolls away or swings out. I do that while also chasing a 2 year old. I'm magic.

Also, notice the yellow line painted on the black pavement. That is the magic line indicating where your shopping cart wheels will lock up and go no further.

Notice all the racks with bikes beyond that line? Yeah. Unless I get the end like I did today, I can't bring my cart to my bike- and even when I do, it rolls away because of the ramp.

In this screen capture of the google maps street view of the rack, you can see GO has made improvements: it used to be that all the racks were outside the yellow line. They've added a new rack (the shinier one in my first pic), but it's still not great. Also, this capture shows the troublesome ramp to the lot that my cart rolls down.

I could be that I'm the only one with this problem. Other cyclists might not have to load a cart's worth of groceries onto their bikes because their bikes can't carry a cart's worth of groceries. So is it something to make the manager aware of? I'd love for them to move the cart sensor over 10 feet or so.

What do you think, cycling world? Bring this up? Let it go?

Family bike problems.

ETA: screenshot of GO's bike parking in relation to store, from Google Maps Street View.

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  1. Bring it up. Be prepared to be looked at funny like "I don't care about this lady" so as not to let asking actually hurt you. The worst they can do is say "We don't care about that."


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