Thursday, June 06, 2013

June is a happenin' month.


First, I'm really excited that Margaret's science class is over. I mean, I liked that she was taking science, but the 2 hours of walking/bus commute for a 1 hour class? Not really something I enjoyed. All future classes will be closer to home.


We brought home dry ice and played with it for FHE. We still have some in the fridge to make root beer soon. And McKay's against it, but I really want to show the kids dry ice bombs.

On Sunday, I got to eat dinner with some of the lovely women from the Women's Ordination Conference. They are a Catholic feminist group working towards the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. And they rock. It was fun to compare/contrast Mormon feminism and Catholic feminism as well as Jewish feminism, as there was a woman there representing our Jewish friends.

And some cute kids at the bus stop.

Baby at the park.

Baby cheek!

Nursing baby chub!

Isaac with a wooden spoon in his pocket. He was helping McKay cook dinner.

Also, next Tuesday will be another Facebook Nurse-in. This time it's going to be at the shareholder meeting in San Francisco. Other groups will be protesting as well (e.g. people upset at Zuckerburg's support of the XL pipeline). Just trying to bring awareness to the shareholders of the issues with FB- maybe they can use their voice to change things? If you are local and want to help make signs Saturday afternoon at 3pm, contact me and I can give you an address for that.

Also, FB says that they'll be more stringent on domestic violence on their pages. That doesn't fix all the sexist issues and we have yet to see what that really means in action, but this might be a good step.
We just signed Margaret up for violin lessons and rented her first violin. This is going to be the most expensive endeavor yet. Maybe we can get her charter school money to pay for it in the school year? I don't know. But she is really excited and Isaac is jealous. He's asking to play, too.

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  1. I love that picture of Isaac with a spoon in his pocket!


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