Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yesterday, the kids and I rode the BART to the end of the tracks in Millbrae. Then we walked almost a mile to the nurse-in.

Nursing on BART:

We were the second of the nurse-in families to show up. The XL Pipeline protest was in full swing and the police were there monitoring that. We lined up next to them and got out our signs.

Margaret made these. They say, "Be nice to mommies and babies," and "Don't take down (her drawing of a breast) pictures."  The red objects at the bottom of the sign are breasts and the faces at the top are smiling babies. She chose her own sentences and I helped her spell them.

Eventually we counted 15 adults and 21 children for the nurse-in, though I've been told that a couple of people showed up after the count.

I was interviewed for a Chinese news station and was told I'd be on in Beijing this morning. That's right people- I'm famous in China. Paala recorded some of it and has it on her wrap up of the event.

I don't always tandem nurse, but when I do, it's at a nurse-in and I get photographic evidence.

My friend, Jena was there! She wrote about it on her blog, too. You may remember I refer to a Jena in Linda's birth story: same one.

Here is Jena photobombing my proof that there were other people there besides myself.

More proof:

And this is my anarchist son re-arranging the "parking prohibited" signs. His anarchy was lost since these signs were leftover from February and had no real impact.

On the way home on BART, here is Isaac looking out over South San Francisco.

When our BART train was going through the tunnel across the bay, a trio of musicians came into our car explaining that someone they were related to just got out of the hospital and they needed money for bills and in exchange would play us a song. With a guitar, tambourine, and bucket, we were entertained by a lively chorus of "Hey Jude." It was well done, but alas, I don't carry cash on me. Margaret really loved the performance and told me that next time we should have cash with us.

Want more nurse-in pics? Check out the event page. I know of another blogger who is planning on covering this and when she does I'll add her link here.

ETA: They didn't use my interview except as a quick shot, but we're here.


  1. Great post, Heather! I was wondering about how you got to the nurse-in from the Bart. I thought about suggesting you take the hotel shuttle from the airport, if they offered one, but by the time I thought about it, it was already day of. Glad you figured it out. Love the nursing on Bart and peering out the window pics.

    My post on the event:

    If you want to share the video, you're more than welcome.

  2. We walked. The Millbrae BART was only .7 miles from the hotel, and Margaret is used to walking that distance- that was the distance from the bus stop to her science class every week! Isaac had the stroller and Margaret was in the wrap. Totally doable.

  3. It was a good morning. :D Photobombs, adjacent arrests, and all.

  4. So YOU'RE the wonderful woman behind this blog! Pretty sure I've linked to stuff you've written in my posts and shared them on my FB page too :) Nice meeting you yesterday!

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you too!


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