Friday, June 28, 2013


Life has been so busy! But when hasn't it? Wednesday was particularly busy with the SCOTUS decision and you can read about it at the Exponent.

Last weekend, Linda and I went out of town. For a retreat. A feminist Mormon retreat. I bet you didn't think those existed. Would you believe that many do and have been going for years and years? Decades, even? Who knew?!

It was down in southern California and most of the attendees were from Arizona or California. I drove down with the NoCal group. There were a couple of Utah people and the East Coast had some representation, too.

It took us a while to get down there; Linda insisted on doing some driving. (no she didn't, but she's cute here).

It was fun. I took pictures. Linda liked all the people who were willing to hold her. She also becomes very zen when she hangs upside down.

There were lectures!

That wore us out. So tired.

Discussions on lots of topics. The overriding theme seemed to be vulnerability.

Joanna Brooks came and discussed her book, The Book of Mormon Girl.

Proof Joanna and I were in the same room.

 And more discussions. Lots of discussing in between meals and massages and hot tubs and pools.

Meanwhile, if you look to the right, you'll see that I've done more than 300 miles this year on my bike! That averages out to 50 miles a month, but with having a baby, the first few months of the year don't really count. I'm trying to get in 100 miles a month.

I've also rededicated myself to various other projects. I have research to do, sweaters to knit, and Pride parades to march in. I'll be back later. Just checking in so you don't think I've gone MIA.

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