Sunday, July 21, 2013


We have had quite the busy summer. I have pictures from Fairyland, park days, Pixar events, little vacations, etc. But I'm going to skip all that and go straight to PEDALFEST!

Oh my goodness. Pedalfest was a blast. Really really awesome. I don't know why we didn't go last year (other than I didn't know it existed last year).

There was a kids' bike parade, so we had to bring them. Bungie cords to the rescue! Put a Finch on It! Margaret's bike was attached to the front of my bike and Isaac's was on the back of McKay's.

On the way to Pedalfest, we were passed by a tall bike ridden moustached man with a banjo. I had just watched this TED talk the day before and turned to my husband, "I think that was Tall Bike Bobby, but isn't he supposed to be in LA?" Then we were stopped at a railroad crossing and TBB was there again. I snapped a picture and shared it on TBB's Facebook page and yes, it was him. Here's we are, though, waiting for the train to pass.

We got there and searched out the Oaklandish booth, where they had streamers and tape for the kids. The kids decorated up their bikes and rode along. It wasn't particularly organized. I think it would have been better if someone led the parade with a boombox or something. It was kind of just kids meandering through crowds.

I tried out a Mundo. It was cool and can fit 3 kids. It was one of the fancier models with a radial gear shifter or something and there weren't distinct gears to choose from. It was more analog. Weird. I also looked at the Xtracycle, which can fit 3 kids, too. When the kids get too big for our Madsen, we'll upgrade to one of those, probably. This is my friend Kristi who took her boys and Margaret for a ride on the Xtracycle:

And here's Isaac trying out an Xtracycle:

We checked out the East Bay Bicycle Coalition's booth and got tattoos. My "I (bike) Oakland" tattoo was a hit at church today. They all think I should get a real one now. Maybe I will... it really depends on how I feel about having to take a year off of donating blood.

These say, "Keep Calm (bike) On." Even the baby got a tattoo!

While we had lunch, we listened to the pedal-powered stage. Audience members pedal to create the electricity for the amps and such. There were also pedal-powered blenders for making smoothies. Also, here in the foreground here is a man who uses a solar and pedal-powered sewing machine.

Cyclecide was there. The kids loved that. McKay helped out with pedaling while we waited in line.

Then the kids got to ride. I'm the one in the white skirt and blue shirt pedaling.

At the end of the day we packed up. For the way home, McKay decided he wanted to carry Margaret's bike along with Isaac's.

So that was Pedalfest! We rode a round trip of 9.2 miles yesterday. Not bad.

It was free, it was fun. There were bike safety activities for the kids, trick bike shows, free games, and lots of food and bikes.

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