Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One year of carfree-ness

I recently realized that it's been over a year since we've owned a car. Go us!

Here I am trying out a Madsen about a month before Linda was born:

For a few weeks of our carfree time, we were borrowing a vehicle and very recently we borrowed a minivan from a friend who was going out of town and didn't want to pay to leave their car at the airport for 10 days. Having the vehicle was useful, but being in traffic at Petaluma made me exclaim, "Now this is why we don't have a car!"

Is it saving us money? I don't know. The Zipcar adds up, especially with 3+ hour church every week. We need to use it less and bike more. Even with having the Madsen since March, we still have not outfitted it with the BionX. We've been having issues securing a welder for the battery. Maybe I'll just do that myself. I mean, how hard can brazing on a bike frame be? Really? Ok, probably not going to do that. But we need to get on it.

Yesterday I biked 8.3 miles with the kids. Tonight I have to go grocery shopping (I'm going to do that kid-free). Most of our errands are biking. I'm loving that. My legs feel strong and biking makes me happy.

Yesterday I was thinking about how a year ago, I was pregnant and biking 2 kids in a trailer while on a one speed. What the heck was I thinking? Well, I was thinking, "This is biking, how hard can it be?" I wonder if after I get the assist on, if I'll look back and think, "90 pounds of kids without an assist? What was I thinking?" Really, I'm thinking, "It's biking, how hard can it be?"

We've had a couple of flat tires in this past year. And I think the de-railer needs adjusting on the Madsen. I'd really love to decorate the bike more, get a sound system, and add some glowing bits.

Sound system-wise I'm thinking Boombotix. We probably only "need" the basic one, but how great would it be to have the subwoofer? Gotta compete with the bassed-out cars here in Oakland, you know.

Anyway, we did a year! Let's do another!


  1. No need to braze the mounts for BionX battery, we have the technology to insert them with a tool like a molly bolt. Tricky part is drilling the holes just right in the frame.

  2. LOL! Ha ha! Is Margaret eating nori in the back of the bike?! Our Japanese friend works at an Asian market and brought us a big package of those packs of little nori after the baby was born. We used them a few weeks ago for sushi and, seriously, they are perfect--way easier to make little sushi rolls with than the full sheets.

    We've been slowly adding more and more biking in. Kids definitely make it more tricky. My eight year-old is finally on the street this summer, but it's still totally nerve-wracking because he's such a space-cadet and isn't great at paying attention or quickly following vocal instructions. We're a small city too, I don't know what our setup could be in a bigger city with more traffic. . .


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