Monday, August 05, 2013

Photo Essay of our Adventures

Lots of things have been going on. So here're a few pictures to prove we've been doing things and not sitting at home on our butts.

Motorama at Pixar:

Margaret in an airplane:

Isaac with ice cream:

Shoulder ride:

Coloring on a car:

From a kite-flying picnic with friends. McKay holding Linda and a baby friend.

Kite Flying!

Dressed up for church. Linda is a Dalek.

Linda eats corn on the cob.

At Fairyland:

 Just petting a snake at the library:

Painting Flower pots at the library:

Berkeley Kite Festival:

I took an improv class this summer and here I am in one of the skits in our final show.

Isaac building a tower at the library:

Linda and a baby friend!

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