Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And They're Off!

Guess what! We got into the Lego class and the charter school is paying for it! Yay! She had her first class last week and she loved it. I got to feel the "dropping your kid off with a stranger you've never met before, but have to trust that the state background check is thorough" moment just like all the other back to school families. That's the nervousness that everyone else feels, yes?

We decided against 4-H this year because it looks like she'd be able to go to only one of the projects regularly and that project happens right before Lego class and... I couldn't do the commute that fast. But no worries, there is always next year. 4-H isn't going anywhere.

She's taking violin and Lego engineering. We're not sure about the writing class yet. The school won't pay for it because the person offering it is not a vendor with the charter, but we'll check out the open house for it anyway. That class won't start until October. Even if we don't do the writing class, I want to keep that teacher in mind. She teaches literature classes for homeschooled high schoolers- this year it's a class on American women writers.

There is a local person who used to teach Waldorf kindergarten and she has a class that is all morning once a week where the kids do water color and gardening. We might look into that.

So yeah... our week is filling up! But it's fun. And Margaret has already started some early reading. She sounded out "Stop" while we were on the bus on Labor Day. And she spent this morning copying down the words of a short story. Why? For fun, I guess. It was her idea. When she was about 2/3 of the way done she complained to me about how long it was taking and I told her she could stop whenever she wanted. It took her over an hour, but she finished reading and copying the 6 sentences, all the while being interrupted on occasion by her siblings. That girl has focus.

Now I have to figure out where to spend the rest of the money the charter gives us. To the Internet!

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