Monday, September 09, 2013

New Bay Bridge!

Labor Day weekend the Bay Bridge was shut down and BART ran service around the clock while the new eastern stretch of the Bay Bridge was being set up. It's now up and running and much prettier than the old Bay Bridge (even though the Bay lights were fun!).

Also, there is a bike/pedestrian path! It only goes out to Yerba Buena Island, but in a couple of years, it'll stretch to San Francisco. Until then, it is the world's longest bike pier. Haha! Here I am on the path (but not at the end yet!). Also, the sun is in my eyes.

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition led a bike tour when it opened last Tuesday, but I was not able to go on opening day. Instead, I went with my friend Sariah on Friday night. She had gone on Tuesday and said it was very crowded. Here are the two bridges next to each other:

The trip out is all uphill, but it's slight. I was by myself on the bike, so it was pretty easy (no children!). The whole trip from the house to the bridge and back was 11.7 miles- and I live pretty close to Emeryville! The path closes at 8pm, so afterwards we had smoothies and rode home in the dark!

 Random candid shot:

Me and the new bridge. We're best friends.

The old Bay Bridge. It will sadly be demolished.

Oakland is that way.

Sariah and I together.

And by the old bridge. With a police officer on the side. Imagine having that job! "Um, I stand on the end of the pedestrian/bike path to make sure no one tresspasses onto Yerba Buena Island. Pretty intense."

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