Friday, September 27, 2013

Schooly things

So I think we know what we're doing. Margaret is taking violin, Lego engineering, the Waldorf kindergarten class, and now clay. A friend of hers takes clay and really loves it, so they sent us a coupon to try a free class out. When I picked her up, one of the instructors told me she never left the wheel and she showed me the three things she made: 2 plates and a flower pot. They were painted with glaze and just needed firing in the kiln. So I guess that means she likes pottery! Luckily, our charter school will pay for that as well. Yay! Now we need to clear off a couple of shelves for all the stuff she's going to be making- 3 pieces a week?!

Our ES (I think that stands for Educational Supervisor) came by today. In order to get the funds, the school has to "prove" that the students are doing learning, so we have to supply work samples monthly. We have to do 4 samples: language arts, math, science, and social studies. I thought I'd share what we did.

Language Arts: I found a printable online of lots of letters and the student is supposed to circle the vowels. Margaret is learning to read and I'll give her "rules" like, "When there's the e there, it makes the vowel say its name," so having her identify vowels fit in.

Math: Printed this out and had her color it, cut it, and write the answer to all the questions on each page.

Science: Did one of those simple sink/float demonstrations and she wrote down which things sank or floated in the bucket of water. Nice and simple. She's actually been really interested in conservation lately, so I think next month we'll do an environmental project. Maybe. Or label the parts of a pumpkin.

Social Science: Printed out a copy of the California state flag and she colored it.

They just want the bare minimum. The teacher said that the gardening in the Waldorf class or the construction in the Lego class can count as science, so if I want to take a picture of her doing those things and send that in, that's fine. Drawing a picture of the family can count as social studies. You pretty much can't mess up kindergarten.

What about Isaac? Well, while Margaret is in her Lego and clay classes, we go to a nearby park. It would a waste of time to cycle home and then turn around and cycle back to pick her up at the end of the class.

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