Thursday, September 19, 2013


A couple of posts ago, I mentioned how I got a little anxious dropping Margaret off at Lego class on the first day so I felt somewhat empathetic to other moms dropping off their kindergarteners for the first time at school. I get very cerebral and my brain was doing this:

Ok. Dropping her off. I read so many "drop her off" posts on Facebook recently. It's normal to be nervous, but don't don't don't be the clingy mom. Turn and go. But the teacher- I don't even know him. I'm sure there's a background check. It's a class full of other kids, what's going to happen? Oh and there's her one friend. At least she'll know him. I don't think I've ever done a "drop off" class before. Let's make sure it's drop off. "Is this a drop off class?" Ok it is. "Alright Margaret, I'm going to go. I'll be back. Do you want a hug?" Oh goodness, the hug was not necessary and I'm just being clingy. Abort! Abort! Get out of there before you turn into the clingy mom! "Um. Ok, Margaret. Bye!" Ok. Walk away, walk away. Am I walking funny? Do I look natural or like a nervous clingy mom. One last time: she's fine, you'll be back soon. Now you need to go grocery shopping.

In my brain I was very paranoid. But you know, I did get over it. Then this week, Margaret started going to a once a week Waldorf kindergarten class and one of the other students is also in her Lego class. The mom came up to me and mentioned that she was watching me drop Margaret off that first day (Oh no! She could see right through me!) and said that it was the best drop off she's ever seen and I didn't look nervous and Margaret was totally fine and confident.

So yay! Watch me pull the wool over everyone's eyes! I'm totally confident and instill awesome confidence in my children. Haha!

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