Friday, October 25, 2013

October Homeschool

Last month I shared what we turned into our ES for our charter school, so I thought I'd do it again this month. We have to have 4 samples: English, math, science, social studies.

For English and math, I found a couple of $1 "workbooks" at a store. We don't do work from them regularly. She just did a page from each of them to turn into the ES today: things like "count the red balls in the picture" and "match the lower case letters with the capital letters." Tear out the pages and turn it in!

For science, I just printed out this picture to give a copy to the ES. This is from Lego class. The Lego teacher said that the bridge project is usually a whole day of day camp and he had never done it in an hour and a half before, but Margaret's class did it!

When the ES was here last time, she said social studies in kindergarten can focus on the family, so Margaret simply drew a picture of her family. Easy peasy.

So those are the hoops we are jumping through for the money this month. The money pays for Lego class and clay class. She comes home with 2-3 new pottery pieces every week, so I think that's a success. This week's finished objects were 2 bowls and a Halloween spider.

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