Monday, October 21, 2013

Train of the Thoughts

So some thoughts today. Maybe I can make some sense out of things.

I haven't blogged much about birth/breastfeeding lately. But still doing that breastfeeding thing. I've been breastfeeding for over five and a half years straight! Wow. That's kind of intense. Still helping people out with the breastfeeding stuff, too. Here're a couple of older links I've been sharing with moms that might be useful to some of you:

Maximizing Production. This is a Stanford video that shows techniques for breast compressions during pumping to help maximize what you're pumping. The video is especially geared toward premies and newborns.

Best for Babes had an article about skin-to-skin and laid back nursing as a way to overcome latch problems. I've shared this with multiple moms and it has helped moms wean from the nipple shield and get better latches, so I'd say it's good stuff.

Being 9 months out from having a baby, I don't feel like I'm in the birthing world much, but I was recently approached about a non-profit in Oakland that deals with birth, pregnancy, and parenting support. The people involved are good people and so I think I'm going to see what I can do for them. When I have more info, I'll share here.

And on life. It's funny- I've blogged about the guilt of not having a clean house before, but I think I've really turned a corner on that. It's always messy and even though I've said I'm ok with it, I haven't always been. This past week, though, when I thought about the messy house, I started fighting back by asking the guilt, "Well, what should I give up to have time to clean? My homework (taking a programming class)? My knitting? Taking my kids to their classes? Eating?" Until I find something that's less important than cleaning the house, it's on the bottom of my list.

Though, I am wondering if we should make a "play room" for all the kids' stuff. We have toys in the living room, toys in the dining room, toys end up in the kitchen and bathroom and hallway and sometimes in the bedroom. And it sounds like a good idea to have all the kid stuff together. It'll take a lot of work to move everything (shelves! wardrobes! huge things!) but maybe. We have a busy week with classes and Halloween parties and such. And knitting. That's important too.

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  1. Meh, my house is always messy, too. I think that with small children that is just the way it is unless you or your partner are neat freaks who make it priority #1. Since my daughter is 4 now, we have been trying most nights to pick up the toys before bedtime and that helps. Just seeing the floor before I go to bed at night assuages a lot of the guilt. :)


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