Friday, December 20, 2013

Homeschool December

So our "ES" (Educational Supervisor) just left and so I guess it's time for another "what we did to meet our homeschooling requirements" post this month.

Once again, we had to give 4 samples: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies.

Language Arts: worksheet on opposites from a dollar store workbook.
Math: worksheet on the number "4" from a dollar store workbook.
Science: We cut off the bottom of our Christmas tree and counted the rings to find out how old the tree was (12 years). She glued the piece to a paper and wrote on it "12 rings, 12 years."
Social Studies: Drew a more accurate map of how we walk to the library. She included houses we pass by and streets we cross, but don't go down.

Margaret also read a short book to our ES to show she's been learning to read.

So that's it for our bare minimum. We've been doing other things that aren't required to be turned in as well as Christmas-readying. Trips this month have included Fairyland, the library, getting the Christmas tree, and lots of park days and clay classes. I think next semester we'll enroll her in a woodworking class, too.

Library: made snow globes!

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