Sunday, December 29, 2013

Regular Life

I haven't blogged much because I think we've been doing regular life things and they don't need a lot of note.

This month:

I spent a week with nipple pain because the baby's molars are trying to come in. She's not biting, it's just that teething makes saliva more caustic (to help teeth erupt) and that has an adverse effect on my skin. The whole week I kept chanting to myself, "This will pass; this will pass." It did. I haven't blogged much about breastfeeding. I'm also pumping for some friends who have adopted a baby. That's a new experience, too. My pumping experience was mostly me relieving engorgement in Margaret's early weeks, now I have a little more.

We went to Fairyland. Also parks. I turned 28 and saw the Improvibles do a show on my birthday. Yay free birthday date.

Santa at Winter Fairyland
The baby has taken to standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. Walking may happen in the next month or so.

We finished the "toy room" and this weekend did some sorting of stuff from the office. We bought new dining room chairs yesterday. They are used and could use reupholstering. Margaret wants Pikachu fabric on one chair for her and Isaac wants dinosaur fabric. At first I wanted to say, "No! These are nice! We should have at least one set of things that match in this house!" but now as I think about it, why not? When the kids grow up and leave I can have them my way.

As I type this, the neighbors upstairs are watching a movie and the ceiling is rumbling from the bass. I keep having mini-panicks that it's an earthquake.

Christmas also happened. Any bikey presents will be featured in future blog posts. I haven't oploaded my Christmas pictures yet, so we'll wait on that

New Years is about to happen. I didn't make any resolutions last year because a baby was expected, but I am making resolutions this year.

Also, a cherpumple will happen this week. Yes.

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