Friday, June 28, 2013


Life has been so busy! But when hasn't it? Wednesday was particularly busy with the SCOTUS decision and you can read about it at the Exponent.

Last weekend, Linda and I went out of town. For a retreat. A feminist Mormon retreat. I bet you didn't think those existed. Would you believe that many do and have been going for years and years? Decades, even? Who knew?!

It was down in southern California and most of the attendees were from Arizona or California. I drove down with the NoCal group. There were a couple of Utah people and the East Coast had some representation, too.

It took us a while to get down there; Linda insisted on doing some driving. (no she didn't, but she's cute here).

It was fun. I took pictures. Linda liked all the people who were willing to hold her. She also becomes very zen when she hangs upside down.

There were lectures!

That wore us out. So tired.

Discussions on lots of topics. The overriding theme seemed to be vulnerability.

Joanna Brooks came and discussed her book, The Book of Mormon Girl.

Proof Joanna and I were in the same room.

 And more discussions. Lots of discussing in between meals and massages and hot tubs and pools.

Meanwhile, if you look to the right, you'll see that I've done more than 300 miles this year on my bike! That averages out to 50 miles a month, but with having a baby, the first few months of the year don't really count. I'm trying to get in 100 miles a month.

I've also rededicated myself to various other projects. I have research to do, sweaters to knit, and Pride parades to march in. I'll be back later. Just checking in so you don't think I've gone MIA.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bike Parking at the Grocery Outlet

This is the bike parking at the Grocery Outlet in Berkeley.

You'll notice my bike on the right there with the pink basket. It's next to the grocery cart. I was very lucky today. First, I was able to park my bike on this end of the rack. Second, when pulling the cart up to my bike to load it, I got it on the ramp just right so that it wasn't rolling back into the parking lot. Usually I need to shove my foot under the cart wheel or else it rolls away or swings out. I do that while also chasing a 2 year old. I'm magic.

Also, notice the yellow line painted on the black pavement. That is the magic line indicating where your shopping cart wheels will lock up and go no further.

Notice all the racks with bikes beyond that line? Yeah. Unless I get the end like I did today, I can't bring my cart to my bike- and even when I do, it rolls away because of the ramp.

In this screen capture of the google maps street view of the rack, you can see GO has made improvements: it used to be that all the racks were outside the yellow line. They've added a new rack (the shinier one in my first pic), but it's still not great. Also, this capture shows the troublesome ramp to the lot that my cart rolls down.

I could be that I'm the only one with this problem. Other cyclists might not have to load a cart's worth of groceries onto their bikes because their bikes can't carry a cart's worth of groceries. So is it something to make the manager aware of? I'd love for them to move the cart sensor over 10 feet or so.

What do you think, cycling world? Bring this up? Let it go?

Family bike problems.

ETA: screenshot of GO's bike parking in relation to store, from Google Maps Street View.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yesterday, the kids and I rode the BART to the end of the tracks in Millbrae. Then we walked almost a mile to the nurse-in.

Nursing on BART:

We were the second of the nurse-in families to show up. The XL Pipeline protest was in full swing and the police were there monitoring that. We lined up next to them and got out our signs.

Margaret made these. They say, "Be nice to mommies and babies," and "Don't take down (her drawing of a breast) pictures."  The red objects at the bottom of the sign are breasts and the faces at the top are smiling babies. She chose her own sentences and I helped her spell them.

Eventually we counted 15 adults and 21 children for the nurse-in, though I've been told that a couple of people showed up after the count.

I was interviewed for a Chinese news station and was told I'd be on in Beijing this morning. That's right people- I'm famous in China. Paala recorded some of it and has it on her wrap up of the event.

I don't always tandem nurse, but when I do, it's at a nurse-in and I get photographic evidence.

My friend, Jena was there! She wrote about it on her blog, too. You may remember I refer to a Jena in Linda's birth story: same one.

Here is Jena photobombing my proof that there were other people there besides myself.

More proof:

And this is my anarchist son re-arranging the "parking prohibited" signs. His anarchy was lost since these signs were leftover from February and had no real impact.

On the way home on BART, here is Isaac looking out over South San Francisco.

When our BART train was going through the tunnel across the bay, a trio of musicians came into our car explaining that someone they were related to just got out of the hospital and they needed money for bills and in exchange would play us a song. With a guitar, tambourine, and bucket, we were entertained by a lively chorus of "Hey Jude." It was well done, but alas, I don't carry cash on me. Margaret really loved the performance and told me that next time we should have cash with us.

Want more nurse-in pics? Check out the event page. I know of another blogger who is planning on covering this and when she does I'll add her link here.

ETA: They didn't use my interview except as a quick shot, but we're here.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Where am I?

If you can't get enough of me this weekend, you can listen to my knitting (and biking) podcast, JABAK Podcast.

Also, I got a small audio clip onto The Pixar Podcast's 100th Episode.

And if you want to read the outline from my youth Sunday school class last week, it's over on the Exponent.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

June is a happenin' month.


First, I'm really excited that Margaret's science class is over. I mean, I liked that she was taking science, but the 2 hours of walking/bus commute for a 1 hour class? Not really something I enjoyed. All future classes will be closer to home.


We brought home dry ice and played with it for FHE. We still have some in the fridge to make root beer soon. And McKay's against it, but I really want to show the kids dry ice bombs.

On Sunday, I got to eat dinner with some of the lovely women from the Women's Ordination Conference. They are a Catholic feminist group working towards the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. And they rock. It was fun to compare/contrast Mormon feminism and Catholic feminism as well as Jewish feminism, as there was a woman there representing our Jewish friends.

And some cute kids at the bus stop.

Baby at the park.

Baby cheek!

Nursing baby chub!

Isaac with a wooden spoon in his pocket. He was helping McKay cook dinner.

Also, next Tuesday will be another Facebook Nurse-in. This time it's going to be at the shareholder meeting in San Francisco. Other groups will be protesting as well (e.g. people upset at Zuckerburg's support of the XL pipeline). Just trying to bring awareness to the shareholders of the issues with FB- maybe they can use their voice to change things? If you are local and want to help make signs Saturday afternoon at 3pm, contact me and I can give you an address for that.

Also, FB says that they'll be more stringent on domestic violence on their pages. That doesn't fix all the sexist issues and we have yet to see what that really means in action, but this might be a good step.
We just signed Margaret up for violin lessons and rented her first violin. This is going to be the most expensive endeavor yet. Maybe we can get her charter school money to pay for it in the school year? I don't know. But she is really excited and Isaac is jealous. He's asking to play, too.