Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Carfree New Year!

Last year was our first full calendar year without a car! Early in the year, we depended a lot on the bus. Margaret's science class was just too far away and I also had a newborn. Here's a little visual of our miles.

It's a little deceiving. Our bike miles are the sum of my and McKay's miles. There is some overlap there, and I didn't account for it, but I don't think that's a big deal. Most of my riding was without him and most of his riding was without me. The bus and BART mileage is only mine and includes the times when we went on the bus and BART together. I don't think he ever went solo on the bus. Maybe he did. It was mostly me. The Amtrak miles are from my trip to Utah.

This next year, I want to make a goal of doing a century (100 miles) every month. I think that's doable. As we fix up my bike, we're hoping to depend on the Zipcar less. That should help.

Today we rode out onto the Bay Bridge. I had biked it earlier this year, but this was McKay's and the kids' first time. The whole way there, Margaret complained, "Can we go home?" But when it was time to turn around, she didn't want to.

You'll see Linda is in a Yepp Mini we buckled into the Madsen. We got it off of Craigslist! Yay Craigslist! It's not the best fit: when we got home, the strap holding the Yepp Mini had gotten pretty loose. We'll looking into drilling some holes in the bucket so we can better secure the little seat.

We upgraded Isaac to a bigger helmet!

Linda has a new helmet, too!

A shot with the old bridge. They are slowly tearing it down, so we needed a picture with it before it's finally gone.


  1. You guys are awesome! And I love your gear!

  2. Can you tell me how long you used the yepp seat and some more about that experience? I am considering a Madsen for our family but have twin 16 month olds. Trying to decide if two yepps will be a necessary investment. Thanks!

    1. I probably wouldn't get a Yepp for 2 older babies. Our daughter stopped wanting to use it at 18 months and we fully gave it up by 20 months. Try biking around without the Yepp and see if they are ok with just the lapbelt.

      When we first tried out the bike, our son was almost 2 and a half and was just fine without one.


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