Friday, January 31, 2014


I think I mentioned in the last post that right after we got home from Disneyland, Margaret got a fever. Then McKay and I got fevers. McKay took 3 days off work for it (I got better faster than he did) and then Isaac got a fever. In the midst of all this my grandma died so Linda and I flew out to Ohio for the funeral. We had the worst possible flight issues with weather, broken planes, and broken luggage (due to the airlines). We also got to sit by a lady who kept getting her dog out of its crate and said, "It's ok. He bites, but he's too stressed to bite right now," when Linda reached for him. Lady, I don't think that's how dogs work.

And it was cold in Ohio. I'm not sure how they dig holes in the ground to bury people when it's 9 degrees out, but they do.

In the SFO airport, looking at planes.

First plane: fall asleep!

Linda in the car. Snow outside.

Small Methodist funeral. Mostly family, plus a couple of friends.

Snow on the ground at the cemetary.

I was a pallbearer (see special pink carnation).

After the funeral, the Methodist church ladies made us a little lunch, which was nice. Funeral potatoes included! Also: butterscotch pie. And blueberry pie, and cherry pie, and pecan pie. And other pies.

Here's most of the family.

Linda playing on the plane on the way home, when the dog was put away safely:

My grandma Margaret was the person we named our Margaret after. Her obituary is here.

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