Friday, January 31, 2014

January Homeschool

So our ES from the school came again today.

Here's what we turned in:
Language arts: The last page of this pdf, filled out.
Math: This bunny counting "maze".
Science: We did the red cabbage acid/base indicator experiment and Margaret kept a chart of what caused the cabbage juice to change color and to what color. Interestingly, breast milk didn't change the color of the cabbage juice.
Social Studies: For Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we talked about Dr. King and she colored a picture of him and we turned that in.

So those were the hoops we jumped through. Easy peasy.

She's still taking her Waldorf Kindergarten class and clay class. We're looking into Hacker Sparks (the junior program for Hacker Scouts/Curiosity Hacked) and a carpentry class. This month at the library, Margaret and Isaac made puppets from secondhand materials. Margaret's bird puppet was entered into an Oakland-wide art contest. Also, the Chabot Space and Science Center came to the library and set up a traveling planetarium in the library. Margaret got to see a show! Poor Isaac was too scared of how dark it was inside!

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