Friday, August 15, 2014

August update

I've been feeling particularly introverted lately so I haven't been posting much.

"School" is around the corner. Seeing all the first day of school pictures on Facebook and Instagram brings up my reservations about homeschooling. I'm always second-guessing our choice to homeschool. Though, I'd probably be second-guessing any school choice since there are so many to choose from.

Academically and socially, I don't worry about my kids. They've got that down. I just sometimes wonder if they just need the "culture" of it all. And I also wonder if I need the break from them. Actually, I don't wonder, I know I need a break from my kids, but putting them in school won't solve it. Margaret's the only one who is school-aged and I'd still have the other two at home. In fact, Margaret and Isaac play so well together that during Linda's naps, I get lots of time to myself every afternoon.

Margaret took a month of swimming lessons this summer. Going to the pool every morning for a month was so draining on me. School would be the same, but twice as much! I'd have to take her AND pick her up instead if sitting around for half an hour and then going home all together. If only Oakland had school buses or we lived in walking distance to a school! But with homeschooling, I can schedule days where I have no obligations, and that's almost as good.

Part of my introversion has manifested in that we haven't been going to our homeschool park days much lately. I blame Linda because of her nap schedule, but the truth is I'm glad her nap interferes with park day. I don't feel like doing another thing.

Our school year is up in the air right now. We haven't been assigned an ES (educational supervisor) yet and we can't set up the violin schedule for another week.

I think I shall be a hermit for a while. That sounds good.

Look: happy children!

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  1. They do look very happy, so take that to heart. ;)


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