Friday, September 26, 2014

Another life update

So things are slowly coming together. We've secured 2 nannies to split up the weeks taking the kids to their things. That will last through December. One nanny is a close friend and the other is another unschooling mom. I'd like to keep it going through next "semester" to, but just in case, I've been touring schools/day cares.

Because of having no car, we are limited to schools that are either 1)close to our house, or 2) close to McKay's work. There is one school near us and I toured it this week. It's the school I see all the neighborhood kids walking to. Well, it's the school I see all the brown kids walking to. I don't know where the white kids go. I mentioned to my friend who works there, "So Margaret would be the only white kid?" And she said that there's another white kid in the school. This boggles my mind because we definitely have more white kids in our neighborhood than just 1. Well, of our neighbors that are Margaret's age, one goes to a private school and the other goes to a charter school across town, so I guess that's where the white kids go. This school I toured was a charter school (public school is too far away) and so there's a wait list I put Margaret on it.

I still have to tour the two schools near McKay's work. One is a public school, but it's not an Oakland public school. The other is a charter.

Yesterday I toured a daycare for Isaac and Linda. It's nice and play-based. They warned me it's not heavy in academics and I guess some people prefer academics? I'm ok with not pushing academics on my 1 year old and 4 year old! I like it, but again it has a wait list and I don't know how long it'll be until there's a space.

So at least we are covered until January. We'll be still homeschooling and our nannies/babysitters will be taking Margaret to Spanish class and Lego class and such.

Isaac is now 4 so he got to start Hacker Sparks with Margaret, and the Waldorf class we had Margaret in last year is allowing both Isaac and Margaret to go even though neither are kindergarten-aged. They'll love it. That starts next week.

Oh, and I did a triathlon last Sunday. I never got to the "I can't do this anymore" point, but I was being really lazy in the swimming and running sections. I did the bike as hard as I could, but I just didn't care about the others.

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  1. I am super impressed you did a triathlon! Well done :D


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