Monday, September 01, 2014

More School Year Stuff

So last week was a stressful time school-wise for us. We have been using a charter school for funds for our classes, but our great teacher retired so we were assigned a new one. She was not really a good fit. On Monday night we got an email saying that our first meeting was Wednesday morning in a library that was one and a half hours away by bike and public transportation. She told us when it was and said if we couldn't make it the other options would be even further away. I wrote back and mentioned we had transportation issues, but we still ended up going on Wednesday so that Margaret wouldn't be cited as a truant.

I was not happy about being told when/where our meetings would be without asking us what would work for us. For example, Margaret had Spanish lesson on Thursday. If that had been Wednesday morning, we would have had to miss the meeting and risk being truants all the while having her in a class!

Also, the teacher didn't seem to want us to use the money for Spanish classes or other "elective" classes. She wants us to buy curriculum, which I'm mostly against. I've seen so many homeschoolers buy curriculum and then have it sit around unused. Why buy curriculum if you can get everything online or at the library for free?

So I ended up telling the teacher that we needed a new ES and that this current arrangement is not going to work out. Three hours of public transportation with 3 kids for a half hour meeting? NOPE NOPE NOPE.

We applied for another charter school that has the same sort of "Independent Study" set up in hope that we'll get a more understanding teacher.

But we are also acknowledging that if none of this works out, then we'll just file the Private School Affidavit and pay for everything ourselves. We'll miss the class money, but maybe the freedom from hoop-jumping is worth it.

During Margaret's Spanish class on Thursday, I went grocery shopping with Isaac and Linda. Here's a picture of the kids in the bike bucket with bags of groceries (made from t-shirts).

And here's a picture of Margaret practicing violin, photography by Isaac.

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  1. That stinks. Have you looked in to Summit Academy or Pacific. They are new charters. I agree, curriculum generally sucks (except Life of Fred) :)


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