Saturday, December 06, 2014

How My School Stuff is Going

I don't know whether to call this bootcamp a "school" since when I tell people I'm going to school full-time, they imagine midterms and finals and breaks between classes. This is 9-5 M-F. You don't do those types of hours in high school (you get out by 3!) and you don't do those types of hours in college (classes when you feel like scheduling them and sometimes whole afternoons or mornings with no classes!). Even when I worked, I worked at an elementary school I didn't have a 9-5 schedule. I think maybe calling it "job training" is more accurate? I don't know. It's a programming bootcamp.

I think it's going well, despite my own inner battles about identity and purpose. I have a bit of a leg up in that I've taken Intro to Programming classes in a couple of different languages before. I know a bit of the vocabulary and I'm a pretty mean google searcher. No really, I'm a fabulous google searcher. It's why I tried applying to the 100 Hour Board at BYU back in the day. If there was "Professional Google Searcher" career, I'd be running Google Search conferences.

This week we were assigned mentors. I met mine on Monday and we did get some "get to know each other" chat in, but it was also loud at the mentor event and so I think I'll know more about our mentor/mentee relationship as it progresses.

In class we have a main project that we all work on individually with the same specs as each other. There are also warm up exercises with some algorithmic practice work. Also, we have to develop an app of our own design and purpose. I have an idea of what I want mine to be and I've already contacted a couple of companies about their APIs.

The majority of the Colorado class that graduated recently have gotten jobs in the past two weeks. It's a little bit of hope that we'll be in the black after paying for the bootcamp and the nannies. I know whatever future income I do have will cover childcare for the kids, but the fact that we're paying for childcare while I'm not bringing in income means it'll be tight for the next 4 months. Looking forward to April.

Homeschooling while being gone full time is going great, too. We still need Margaret to produce samples of work for the charter school and those aren't being done at the ideal rate, but at least my unschooling mind is totally fine with her not having structured schooling. One of the nannies this week mentioned how much of a sponge Margaret is about everything. She wants to know all the things! Isaac has been picking up a little Spanish. And Linda has been busy learning English.

Meanwhile I'm still juggling a few things. McKay thinks I need to drop at least one of them (ok- he thinks I should drop a lot more). I actually think I'm going to drop being the email-sender for my visiting teaching group. I kind of already dropped the ball on that this month anyway. I try to finish all my classwork at school and not bring it home and I've been successful in that so far. When I do bring it home, it's usually a tough problem and after the kids are in bed, I ask McKay to listen to me talk it out, "So I have this, and then I do this and this and I want this... Oh." Problem solved.

I was listening to this this Marly Bird episode and they were talking about how having limitations imposed on you helps your creativity more than having total freedom. I think having time restraints actually helps me be more productive. I have to prioritize the things that are important and I get more done. Of course "more" does not include laundry or cooking or tidying; that's why I have McKay!

ALSO- I have a big announcement next week! At least, I hope it's next week. If not, it'll be the week after. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. But it also makes me nervous and I want to hide in a hole and pretend it's not happening at the same time as wanting to share it. Putting yourself out there is hard, yo. I'll be announcing it everywhere, so if you follow me here or on other social media, you won't miss it.

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