Saturday, December 27, 2014

Then we bought a house

Well, I feel like it's less that we bought a house and more that we're now paying off a 30 year debt. We are still going to be in Oakland and are still in the same church ward. Everywhere is still as bike-able and walkable as before. So that's a plus!

I was originally hesitant to say that it's a fixer upper because it's livable. But a friend told me, "It has emerald green carpet. It's a fixer upper." It's small, less than 1000 sq feet. It has lots of growing potential and a 2 car garage that we definitely don't need that can transform into living space in the future.

Some "before" pictures! I took these last Saturday, which was the first time I saw it without the previous tenant's belongings in it. I was a little overwhelmed with how much work needs to be done.

Master Bedroom. Fancy green carpeting.

Large, walk-in master closet. Look at that particle board closet organization system!
We took out that particle board shelf and this is the carpet directly underneath it.

Gotta go buy a washer and dryer that'll match the 1980s linoleum.

The bathroom has been updated more recently than the rest of the house

It could still use some love, though.

Tiny kids room, featuring vertical blinds!

The living room also has vertical blinds and cable hookups. The kids' room and master bedroom also had cable hookups. And I think the dining room does, too. Not sure who needs that much cable.

Aw... look at the baby kitchen! We plan on expanding it out when we save up money.

This is the kitchen window from the outside. It has shelves for potted plants! Yay herb garden!

Gigantic yard! The best part of the house. We have lots of plans for this place.
We won't move in until we have every inch of the walls and ceilings painted and the carpet taken out and something else (not sure what) put in. The previous tenant had been there 10-12 years and had a dog, so these steps are all necessary. I'm guessing our move-in date will be later in January. Painting is happening as I type and we still need to find a flooring solution. The next big project this summer will be a new roof (it's on its last leg, but at least not leaking yet!)

It's a lot to handle right now with school, nannies, a house, and kids. My knitting is going on a back burner for a little bit. McKay keeps thinking I need to take more off my plate, but I'm not sure what I'd take off. I like teaching YW at church. I like taking LLL phone calls and emails. I like knitting. I like my programming class. What am I supposed to take off? I'll just keep pushing through. That'll work. And if it's too much, my body will give me mastitis or something; it's generous like that.

We just hired a new nanny to replace our other 3-day/week nanny who is moving out of the country for half a year. So that'll be something new and fun. She's from Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese. Now I'm wondering if we should switch Margaret from Spanish to Portuguese. Hmm.

I really need to get a job once my schooling is done to pay for all of this.


  1. I am learning Portuguese and it is NOT easy. Being that I speak Spanish fluently, I am finding it difficult to learn Portuguese.

  2. I love the herb window!

  3. How fun and exciting! doesn't McKay speak Portuguese?


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